07Apr 2017

[:en]The Magazine OTV video about Portugal O’ Meeting, that was shown on the TV channel RTP 2 on the 1st of April, is now available online. Check it out to have an overall idea of the event. The narration is in portuguese only.   [:pt]Já está disponível o video do Magazine OTV acerca do Portugal O’Meeting 2017 que passou na RTP 2 no dia 1 de Abril.   [:]

10Mar 2017

[:en]The maps from all stages are now available for download on the Maps page which can be found through the following link. The final recap video has also been released and can be seen below.[:pt]Os mapas de todas as etapas estão agora disponíveis para download na página de Mapas que pode ser encontrada através do link abaixo. O video final de highlights do POM também já está disponível e pode ser visto abaixo.[:]

01Mar 2017

[:en]The video with highlights of Day 4 of POM 2017 is now online.[:pt]O video do Dia 4 do POM 2017 já está online.[:]

01Mar 2017

[:en]The 22nd edition of Portugal O’ Meeting has come to an end. POM 2017, organized by Grupo Desportivo 4 Caminhos, has seen a total of over 2300 athletes from 36 countries competing over 4 days in the beautiful landscapes of North Alentejo, with stages taking place in Alter do Chão, Crato and Portalegre. At the end, Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli stood on the top place of the podium. Both athletes had won POM before and they now conquer their 6th and 7th POM title respectively. The top results of the MSE, ME and WE classes can be found below and the results of all the other classes can be found on […]

28Feb 2017

[:en]The videos with highlights of Days 2 and 3 of POM 2017 are now online.[:pt] Os videos dos Dias 2 e 3 do POM 2017 já estão online.[:]

27Feb 2017

[:en]We inform that the start times for the Elite classes are the following. Chasing Start: Start List 09:30 – ME Chasing Start Begins 10:30 – ME Mass Start 11:00 – MSE / WE Chasing Start Begins 12:00 – MSE / WE Mass Start  [:pt]Informamos que as horas de partida dos escalões Elite são as seguintes. Chasing Start: Lista de Partidas 09:30 – ME Chasing Start Begins 10:30 – ME Mass Start 11:00 – MSE / WE Chasing Start Begins 12:00 – MSE / WE Mass Start[:]

27Feb 2017

[:en]The Day 3 stage preliminary results are now available on the Results page and can be consulted through the following links. 27th February 2017 – MIDDLE DISTANCE WRE (NAOM 2017) – PORTALEGRE Preliminary Results   Elite Classes Results by Times All Classes Results by Points[:pt]Os resultados preliminares da etapa do Dia 3 já estão disponíveis na página de resultados e podem ser consultados através dos seguinte links. 27 de Fevereiro 2017 – MIDDLE DISTANCE WRE (NAOM 2017) – PORTALEGRE Resultados Preliminares   Escalões Elite Resultados por Tempos Todos os Escalões Resultados Por Pontos[:]

27Feb 2017

[:en]The final results for the stages of Day 2 are available through the following links. 26th February 2017 – LONG DISTANCE – CRATO (ALDEIA DA MATA) Final Results Results by Points 26th February 2017 – PreO – COUDELARIA DE ALTER Paralympics General Results Detailed Results Open General Results Detailed Results[:pt]Os resultados finais das etapas do Dia 2 já estão disponíveis para consulta através dos seguintes links. 26 de Fevereiro 2017 – DISTÂNCIA LONGA – CRATO (ALDEIA DA MATA) Resultados Finais Resultados por Pontos 26 de Fevereiro 2017 – PreO – COUDELARIA DE ALTER Paralympics Resultados Gerais Resultados Detalhados Open Resultados Gerais Resultados Detalhados[:]

26Feb 2017

[:en]The highlights video of Day 1 of POM 2017 is now available online.[:pt]O video do Dia 1 do POM 2017 já está online.[:]