Europcar associates with POM’18.

Europcar attaches to Continental Portugal, the offer of 10% on the public rate valid at the time of booking, for cars of passenger and commercial vehicles, for all participants in Portugal “O” Meeting 2018.

All Participants who wish to benefit from Europcar services with this offer must submit their credit card for the purposes of guarantee and respective rental payment.

The payment of the rental services provided to participants of Portugal “O” Meeting 2018 will be held at the time of delivery of the rental agreement (RA – Rental Agreement) based on the estimate of the days of contracted rent and covers, proceeding to the end of the hiring, at the time of delivery of the vehicle, to the correct accounts.

The participants of Portugal “O” Meeting 2018 in order to get these advantages must book through the Europcar website in or Reservations Center, mentioning the number of Europcar Contract 42549656.

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