POM Shirt

The parish councils of the area where the event takes place are associated and sponsor the POM2018 shirt:
-Parish of Portel
-Union of Parishes of S. Bartolomeu do Outeiro and Oriola
-Union of Parishes of Malagueira and Horta das Figueiras
-Union of Parishes of S. Mamede, S.Pedro and Santo Antão

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Portel Agricultural Cooperative

Portel Agricultural Cooperative associates with POM.

Founded in 1965, Portel Agricultural Cooperative has about 1000 members. Its main objectives are to work proven olive on the farms of its associates and to provide technical support to farmers, carrying all the agricultural material they need to carry out their activity.
Portel olive oil (S. Pedro olive oil) has an imada quality, resulting in its extraction of the variety of stationery that predominates in the surrounding olive groves of Portel and the aroma and the special palate.