How to register:

All runners must register their entries using the platform OriOasis. The registration in the Model Event must also be made in the same platform using one extra available field.

Register online now >> 

The FEDO federates must also register throught the private area of OriOasis using the login credentials of the FEDO entry system and  loging-in here.

In case of doubts or problems please contact us through the following e-mail: adfa.orientacao@gmail.com.

Elite Classes

During entry process, Elite runners must provide their IOF World Ranking ID. All the athletes in those classes also must register in IOF Eventor.


Mandatory data for registration (individual or group):

  • Name (s) of participant (s)
  • Year (s) of birth
  • Name of Club
  • Nº of affiliated in the FPO (if not affiliated with the FPO, the Identity Card or citizen card number)
  • WRanking ID for Elite Classes, do not forget to also register in orienteering.org
  • SI Number Card. In the absence of this, you will be rented one (see prices in entries)
  • The loss or non-return of the rented SI Card implies payment of € 30 or € 37.50, depending on the model
  • Mobile number
  • Participation class
  • Participation days
  • If you want to participate in the Model Event, must indicate in which one, or if you want all. In the absence of this information you are registered for Model Event 1.

Note: Athletes who wish to participate in a group must make only one entry mentioning the mandatory data of all the participants that constitute it.


Forest (Long & Middle) and sprint races
Age at 12/31/2018 Year of Birth Class
Training Classes
10 and less 2008 or later M/W 10
11 and 12 2006 and 2007 M/W 12
Competition classes
13 and 14 2004 and 2005 M/W 14
15 and 16 2002 and 2003 M/W 16
17 and 18 2000 and 2001 M/W 18
19 and 20 1998 and 1999 M/W 20
21 or more 1984 to 1997 ME/WE
21 or more 1984 to 1997 M/W 21A
18 or more 1984 to 2000 M/W 21B
35 to 39 1979 to 1983 M/W 35
40 to 44 1974 to 1978 M/W 40
45 to 49 1969 to 1973 M/W 45
50 to 54 1964 to 1968 M/W 50
55 to 59 1959 to 1963 M/W 55
60 to 64 1954 to 1958 M/W 60
65 to 69 1949 to 1953 M/W 65
70 to 74 1944 to 1948 M/W 70
75 to 79 1939 to 1943 M/W 75
80 to 84 1934 to 1938 M/W 80
More than 85 1933 or earlier M/W 85
Open Classes
Any age or gender, individually or in groups
Easy Short (PROM 1) Routes from 2 to 4 km, using linear references, especially paths, without technical difficulty. No experience in Orienteering or good physical / endurance skills is required. It is a good opportunity to take a walk in the forest with an added challenge
Difficult Short (PROM 2) Routes from 3 to 4 km, where it is essential to have some knowledge of Orienteering. Medium technical difficulty and low level of physical requirement.
Easy Long (PROM 3) Routes from 4 to 6 km, with low level of technical and physical requirement. These routes use mostly linear references and easy identification.
Difficult Long (PROM 4) Routes of 4 to 7 km, with medium / high physical requirement, where it is important to have solid bases of orienteering.


Registration Fees

For each stage of POM 2018 (middle and long distances)

FPO and FEDO affiliates Until 26 Jan from 27 to 30 Jan
Born in 1998 or after 3,00 € 4,50 €
Born in 1997 or before 6,00 € 9,00 €
Elite Classes 7,00 € 10,00 €
Others Until 26 Jan from 27 to 30 Jan
Born in 1998 or after 5,00 € 7,50 €
Born in 1997 or before 10,00 € 15,00 €
Elite Classes 11,00 € 16,00 €

Prices for entries in open classes
The cost is always € 3.00 / stage for federated young people and € 5.00 / stage for federated adults or  non-federated young people and € 8.00 / stage for non-federated adults.

At these classes no chip rental is charged and registrations can be made up to the day of the race, but are subject to the availability of maps. In case of loss of the chip, there will be payment (30,00 € or 37,50 € depending on the model).


Night Sprint

FPO and FEDO affiliates Until 26 Jan from 27 to 30 Jan
Born in 1998 or after 3,00 € 4,00 €
Born in 1997 or before 4,00 € 5,00 €
Others Until 26 Jan from 27 to 30 Jan
Born in 1998 or after 3,00 € 4,00 €
Born in 1997 or before 5,00 € 6,00 €


PreO Registration Fee

Open and Paralympic 3,00 €


Other taxes:

  • Model events: € 3.00
  • Changes after January 30 have a cost of € 2.00

Chip rental for competition and training classes: € 1.00 / day. In case of loss of the chip, there will be payment (30,00 € or 37,50 € depending on the model).

How to pay

 POM entries fees can be paid by Secure Online Payment (POS), Bank Transfer or directly at the Event Center in cash (cash payment only for clubs/athlets affiliated at the Portuguese Orienteering Federation).

Entries of clubs/athlets not affiliated at the Portuguese Orienteering Federation will be considered valid only after full payment.

In order to simplify the accreditation process, organization prefers payments made ​​by Secure Online Payment since payment processing is automatic.

Payment with Secure Online Payment (POS)

Credit card or paypal


Payment with bank transfer:

Payments by bank transfer should be made to the following bank account :

Bank Name: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Bank Account Onwer / Transfer recepient: ADFA
Agency: Évora
Bank Agency address: Rua da República, 38, 7000 – 656 ÉVORA
Account Number: 0340004003630
NIB: 003503400000400363011
IBAN: PT50003503400000400363011

Payment processing 

Payments with Secure Online Payment (POS – Paypal or credit card):
payment processing is automatic

Payments with bank transfer:

If you have made an Express Entry in OriOasis, please include the Express Code on bank transfer description.

For full club payment, please indicate the club name on bank transfer description.
For partial club payments, please include the club name and athlete list in the confirmation comment, or send us an email (payment@pom.pt) listing all athletes included in the payment and the confirmation as attachment.

Notes: For all bank transfer you make, please send us a bank transfer confirmation by home banking services or by email to: payment@pom.pt

All transfer expenses should be supported by the one ordering the transfer. Any transfer expenses charged by the bank to the Organization will be added to the club open fee.

Please use the email address payment@pom.pt for all the emails related to the payment process.



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