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Parking of all motorhomes on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days will be in Oriola, which is about 7 km from Sao Bartolomeu do Outeiro. Transportation of all athletes to the Arena and back to the park will be covered by a bus with schedules to be defined later. It is also hereby disclosed to all the motorhomes’ users wishing to spend the night that showers will be provided in the football field in Oriola.

Bib numbers and SI Card

  • It is mandatory to use the POM 2018 bib number that has been printed; Departure times at each stage; SI Card Number; Course; Club and Country.
  • No athlete who does not have the bib number properly attached to his equipment shall be allowed to leave.
  • Each Team Leader should raise the bib numbers in the secretariat (days 8 and 9 in Monte Alentejano – Rossio de S. Bráz in Évora, arena of the 1st day and in the arenas in the remaining days).
  • In case of loss of the bib number the athlete must proceed to its replacement by acquiring a 2nd route in the secretariat for the price of 2.00 € (two euros).
  • In the chaos in which the athlete, for any reason, changes of SI Card, it is obligatory to validate this change in the secretariat without which it will not be authorized to leave.

Time and departure and maximum course time

  • There will be no change in starting times on the same day in the competition.
  • In elite classes, if the number of athletes exceeds 100, there will be division for two courses – Super Elite and Elite. The division will be made according to the classification in the World-wide Ranking in the day 01 of January of 2018. (visit http: // The top ranked athletes will be moved to a SuperElite rank. Both will follow a similar course.
  • Time limit for each course; 03H00 (three hours) for long distance and 02H00 (two hours) for middle distance.


  • The final result of POM 2018 is defined by the sum of the points obtained in the 4 stages.
  • The competition is governed by the RC of the FPO for the season 2018. In cases omitted in the RC of the FPO will be applied the regulation of IOF.
  • Chasing start – In the last stage, all Elite levels (M21E and W21E) will start on Chasing Start. Athletes who are more than an hour in the lead or who have not completed one of the forest stages will depart at Mass Start one hour after the first athlete leaves. The first athlete to complete his or her test shall be the winner of the respective rank.


  • There will be no map collection at the end of the races. It appeals to the Fair-Play of all participants.

Electronic control system

  • Sport Ident (SI CARD) will be the electronic control system used in this event.
  • Rented chips must be returned at the end of the race.


WRE – 2nd stage of the POM

  • Top 5 W / M Elite Prizes

POM – Portuguese Cup – sum of points of the 4 stages

  • Prizes for the three (five in the elite) best ranked in all levels of training and competition.
  • Trophies for the top five ranked clubs.
  • Souvenirs for H / D10 and H / D 12 training stages

Sprint – Prizes for the first three of each class

  • Trophies for the top five ranked clubs.


  • Prizes for the top three in each class.


It will include: Secretariat; Pub; Baby-Sitting; Sales; First aid and arrivals.

  • Departures – flagged from the arena
  • Arrivals – in the arenas
  • Secretariat – Running in the competition arena in the 4 (four) days. On the 1st day Monte Alentejano (Rossio de S. Brás in Évora), on the remaining days in the pavilion of S. Bartolomeu do Outeiro.
  • Baths – Portel Municipal Pavilion.
  • Baby Sitting – On the 1st day, it operates in the Évora arena (arrivals place), on the remaining days at the S. Bartolomeu do Outeiro Pavilion.
  • First Aid – Running on the arenas. If there is a need for extra care, evacuation will be made to a health unit identified for this purpose.

Hard Floor

  • Hard Floor on the Municipal pavilion of Portel from 16h00 on Saturday, (10 February) until 16h00 on Tuesday (13 February). Before that date the hard floor will work in Évora (place to be designated in due course).
  • Athletes should bring a sleeping bag and a mattress.
  • An appeal is made to the athletes’ civility for the strict respect for silence, rules of living in this type of space and extreme hygiene care.
  • The use of competition footwear inside the Pavilion, including toilets, is expressly prohibited.

Arenas scheme


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