CARMIM joins the POM2018 by sponsoring the WRE course that is renamed: LONG DISTANCE WRE / CARMIM.

CARMIM was founded in 1971 with the aim of producing and marketing wine, from the grapes of a group of winemakers from the region. Today, with approximately 850 associates corresponding to 3,600 hectares of vineyards, CARMIM has built around its 44 years of history an image of prestige and success, based on the recognized quality of its products. The quality of the raw material, coming from a region of appellation of origin, is one of the assets of this Cooperative, along with human capital and an agro-industrial complex of 8 hectares endowed with the most advanced technology. Here can be vinified 1,500,000 kilos of grape per day, bottled 21,000 bottles per hour and stored up to 33 million liters.

CARMIM is present in 34 countries, and its products have received more than 600 national and international awards. It is one of the main drivers of socioeconomic development in the region of Reguengos de Monsaraz, functioning as an essential support for associated agricultural enterprises and their families. Among the brands of wine, we can highlight the Garrafeira dos Sócios, Monsaraz Premium, Bom Juiz, Régia Colheita, Monsaraz Millennium, Monsaraz Reserva, Monsaraz Monovarietais e Bivarietais, Reguengos Reserva, Monsaraz, Reguengos, Terras d’el Rei e Olaria.

In addition to wine, CARMIM also produces quality olive oils in the Terras d’el Rei and Monsaraz ranges. Next week will be launched the Reguengos olive oil, a gourmet product destined to a very demanding market niche. Presented in an elegant 0.5L screened bottle, this Extra Virgin Extra Batch Olive Oil has an acidity of 0.5º and will be available in limited quantities.

Investments have been an absolute priority in CARMIM’s strategies. Since 2009, 3 investment projects under PRODER have been executed, totaling around 10 million euros. 2 applications were devoted to the technological modernization of the winery and 1 to the mill. Already in 2015, under the PDR 2020, an investment project for the olive oil mill was submitted in the amount of 250,000 euros. It is planned until the end of 2015 to submit an application for the winery to the same support area.

Since 2011, CARMIM has been jointly certifying its Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management and Food Safety Management, respectively for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000. In 2013 it obtained the IFS Food version 6 certification, which facilitates their integration into International Markets.