Portel Agricultural Cooperative

Portel Agricultural Cooperative associates with POM.

Founded in 1965, Portel Agricultural Cooperative has about 1000 members. Its main objectives are to work proven olive on the farms of its associates and to provide technical support to farmers, carrying all the agricultural material they need to carry out their activity.
Portel olive oil (S. Pedro olive oil) has an imada quality, resulting in its extraction of the variety of stationery that predominates in the surrounding olive groves of Portel and the aroma and the special palate.


+Nutrição associates with POM2018.

+Nutrição is a young and dynamic company that presents to its clients a varied range of services in the areas of Health, Welfare, Physical Activity and Sport. Customer-centered, it has a holistic view of the human being as it cares not only about physical performance but also about the mental and social performance of the people who seek their services. In this sense, the target audience includes not only athletes and practitioners of physical activity, but also all people who for physical or psychological reasons see their daily performance compromised.
Based on this philosophy, +Nutrição presents a team of professionals with superior training that guarantee the quality of services and the improvement of the quality of life of its clients. We count on: Exercise Physiologists, Therapeutic and Sports Nutritionists, Rehabilitation Therapists, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Mesotherapists, Physical Therapists, Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapists and podoposturology therapists.
+Nutrição accompanies athletes of various modalities among them: Athletics, Trail, Orienteering, Football, Combat Sports and Fencing.
As regards partnerships, +Nutrição counts on important protocols with companies that promote easy access to high quality health services at low cost, as is the case with Sorriso +.


Europcar associates with POM’18.

Europcar attaches to Continental Portugal, the offer of 10% on the public rate valid at the time of booking, for cars of passenger and commercial vehicles, for all participants in Portugal “O” Meeting 2018.

All Participants who wish to benefit from Europcar services with this offer must submit their credit card for the purposes of guarantee and respective rental payment.

The payment of the rental services provided to participants of Portugal “O” Meeting 2018 will be held at the time of delivery of the rental agreement (RA – Rental Agreement) based on the estimate of the days of contracted rent and covers, proceeding to the end of the hiring, at the time of delivery of the vehicle, to the correct accounts.

The participants of Portugal “O” Meeting 2018 in order to get these advantages must book through the Europcar website in europcar.pt or Reservations Center, mentioning the number of Europcar Contract 42549656.