Day 4 – Long Distance – “Serrinha – Dongalinho”

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We strongly advise the use of spike shoes for this type of terrain!

ARENA DAY 4_V02JAN2016_1

Dia4 US

Map: Serrinha (2015)

Mapmaker: Rui Antunes & José Batista

Course setter: Rui Antunes

Map scale: 1:15 000 , 1:10 000 & 1:7 500

Contour interval: 5m

IOF Adviser: Rui Morais

Map Samples:

Serrinha_Dongalinho_Day4 I Serrinha_Dongalinho_Day4 II Serrinha_Dongalinho_Day4 IV


Dia4_05 Dia4_04 Dia4_03 Dia4_02 Dia4_01