Day 2 – PreO

Map: Vila Nova de Santo André – Parque

Terrain: Urban areas, gardens and parks.
An area with little unevenness and mostly pedestrian paths and cycle paths, the surface of the paths are easy to progress for wheelchairs (95% of the paved or cemented floor).
The area will provide different challenges for interpreting relief, vegetation and elements constructed, and, in general, it is not necessary to use alignments to resolve problems presented on the route.

Map maker: Alexandre Reis

Course planner: Jorge Baltazar

Map scale: 1:4.000

Contour Interval: 2,5m

Parking: Bairro do Liceu, in front of Padre António Macedo High School

Quarantine: Will be held at Alda Guerreiro Training Center (38.060743, -8.780823) and it closes at 14h30

Additional information:

– PreO is limited to the first 120 entries
– Vila Nova de Santo André Central Park and surrounding areas are out of bounds for PreO athletes between 23rd February 9 am until the athlete starts its course and commuting from parking area using organization signs is mandatory.
– To whom commuting from Stage 2 – Santiago do Cacém e A23/IP8 – Trajeto no Google Maps
– To whom commuting from Sines – Trajeto no Google Maps
– To whom commuting from Melides/Lagoa Sto. André – Trajeto no Google Maps
– Also, for Fair-Play reasons, it is not allowed to use the existing map for recognitions, only being allowed to participate in the Sprint race on the 22nd, at a competitive pace. The athletes that do not comply with this rule will be prevented from participating in the competition (they can as extra-competition).
– Distance from parking to Start – 70 a 150 mts
– Stage to count for the 2020 Portugal Precision Orienteering Cup.
– PreO event, held in the Open and Paralympic classes
– Event Secretariat at the Alda Guerreiro Training Center (38.060743, -8.780823)
– Checkin, delivery of SI Cards from 1:30 pm to 1:45 pm (PreO departures)
– First start: 14h00
– Starts every 2 minutes (interval A group and B Group)
– Note: The roads where the race will take place will not be blocked by traffic, and the roads must pass through the designated crossings, and it is not allowed to cross the competition area.
– Athletes must be accompanied by the Si Card that will be used to record the race time

Rules and regulations:
– The race is governed by the rules defined by the IOF Competition rules for Trail-O 2020 and those of the FPO 2020 Competition Regulations.
– Note: In Timed Points, it is mandatory to give the answers according to the International Phonetic Alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot)
– The deadline for submitting complaints is 15 minutes after the results are published.

– All Paralympic athletes will be able to be accompanied by an element in helping progression, complying with the rules of fair play, not communicating with the athlete.

Technical Information Route:
– Formal route at Elite level, that is, in all controls, there is the possibility of a Zero answer
– The course was thought to be mostly resolved through the use of a good map reading, interpretation of the terrain and the correct identification of the elements.
– The tolerance distance for a goal to be considered a Zero answer is 3 meters. This means that the athlete should only answer Zero if the goal on the ground is more than 3 meters from the place he deems to be correct.

Final Technical Information

Classe/ClassDist. (m)Desnívcel / Climb (m)ControlsTempo / Time (min)Pto. Crono / Timed Control
OPEN158015201051 (3 desafios / challenges
PARA158015201101 (3 desafios / challenges

Timed Point Information:
– 1 Station with Timed Points with 6 beacons on the ground and 3 challenges, carried out before the Formal Route without answers Zero.
– Time allowed at the timed point – 1 minute and 30 seconds
– Due to the high number of subscribers, there will be two timed stations (A and B), which have an identical location and use the same beacons.

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Map samples