Alentejo Coast

The Alentejo Coast is one of the best-preserved regions and it has some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal almost wild state.
“A paradise by the sea”, are the words that can best describe what the Alentejo coast is, where one learns to live slowly cuz the outside world goes too fast, the tranquillity experienced in this region is its greatest attraction.
Apart from hotels, the sun and the history, the great golden sandy beaches of the north and south, hidden between cliffs beaches, landscapes and gastronomy, adventure sports, you will find here something even rarer and fundamental … will find yourselves.
This is the Alentejo coast, a land of real life of real people, who have learned to appreciate life unhurriedly, savouring every moment, every miracle of nature, each special moment, an authentic place! The memories you will take from here you cannot buy or carry in your bag, follow forever in our memories, in our hearts!
This is what we can explain in words … to understand everything else you need to feel, you need to come here!
Alentejo coast, life here is to feel!

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