PreO – POM2019


Map: Quiaios

Terrain: Typical terrain of Portuguese dunes, good visibility of terrain and the abundant relief details.

Cartographer: Alexandre Reis

Diretor of competition: Rui Mora

Course planner: Cláudio Tereso

Supervisor FPO: Nuno Pires

Map scale: 1:4.000

Contour interval: 2,5m

Parking: At parking spaces indicated by the organization

Additional information:

– The stage counts for Taça de Portugal de Orientação de Precisão 2019.

– PreO competition, disputed in Open and Paralympic classes

– Secretariat in the Arena Quiaios (1200m distance to PreO start)

– Checkin, delivery of cards and SI 12:30 – 13:15 (at PreO start)

– First start time: 13:30

– Start interval: 2 minutes

– Prize giving ceremony: 18:00

– Prizes for the first 3 of each class

Note: The road where this event will take place will be closed for traffic. The route from parking to the start is just possible on the route marked by the organization. Entering the competition area is not allowed.

Athletes have to use their SI card for controlling the time limit of the competition.

Rules and Regulations: The rules of IOF for Trail-O 2019 and competition rules of FPO 2019 are applied.

Note: At timed controls, the answers have to be given according the International Spelling Alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot)

The deadline for reclamations is 15 minutes after the presentation of results.

Accompanying persons: 

– Athletes of Paralympic class can be accompanied by one person. Fair play rules apply meaning that communication with the athlete is forbidden.

Technical information:

Official course level Elite, meaning that at each control the answer might be Zero

 The competition was designed to be mostly solved using good map reading, interpretation of terrain and the correct identification of the elements.

These methods should be preferred to the use of alignments or azimuths.

 The tolerance distance for a beacon to be considered a Zero response is 5 meters. This means that the athlete should only answer Zero if the goal on the ground is more than 5 meters from the place he thinks is the correct one.

Class Distance   (m) Climb (m) Controls Map scale Contour interval Time limit (min)
Open 800 5 23 1:4000 2.5m 95
Paralympic 800 5 23 1:4000 2.5m 95
  • Provisional information, subject to change


Information Timed Controls:

1 timed control with 6 control flags and 3 challenges without the option of a Zero response, positioned after the formal course.

Time limit at timed control: 1 minute and 30 seconds