Max Peter Bejmer and Johanna Öberg win Portugal O Meeting 2019 – POM2019

Max Peter Bejmer (IFK Göteborg) and Johanna Öberg (OK Linné) are the overall winners of Portugal O Meeting 2019.

Max Peter Bejmer held the lead of the competition since the start of the last stage achieving this way his first overall victory at Portugal O Meeting.

Johanna Öberg started today with a disadvantage of nearly one minute to the lead but in the end was the first at the finish line in the women elite class.

The best portuguese were Ricardo Esteves (ADFA) in 11th position and Beatriz Sanguino (CPOC) 36th position.

Max Peter Bejmer (photo Nuno Leite)

Johanna Öberg (photo by Escola Profissional de Montemor-O-Velho)

Overall Classification of Men Super Elite (MSE)

1 Max Peter Bejmer IFK Göteborg (SWE) 3:12:19
2 Miika Kirmula KR (FIN) 3:17:35
3 Hannu Airila KR (FIN) 3:18:34
4 Michal Olejnik SNO 3:24:44
5 Wojciech Kowalski Tyrving (NOR) 3:26:36
6 Mathieu Perrin NOSE  (FRA) 3:26:46
7 Johan Ek-Larsson SNO 3:26:51
8 Santeri Silvennoinen KR (FIN) 3:27:17
9 Jakob Andersson OK Linné (SWE) 3:30:43
10 Adrien Delenne ACA Aix-en-Prov (FRA) 3:30:49
11 Ricardo Esteves ADFA (POR) 3:30:54

Overall Classification of Women Elite (WE)

1 Johanna Öberg OK Linné (SWE) 3:22:21
2 Megan Carter-Davies RR (FIN) 3:23:51
3 Eveliina Hirvonen Halden SK (NOR) 3:27:35
4 Eva Jurenikova Halden SK (NOR) 3:30:15
5 Rebecka Heinrup Tullinge SK (SWE) 3:30:24
6 Maren Jansson Haverstad Tyrving (NOR) 3:33:28
7 Tatsiana Voveriene Devyni (LTU) 3:40:33
8 Johanna Trummer OK Linné (SWE) 3:40:51
9 Silja Kauppinen KR (FIN) 3:46:30
10 Nymalm Amy Pargas IF (FIN) 3:46:47
36 Beatriz Sanguino CPOC (POR) 4:28:29

You can check the full results (final to be publish soon) and maps.

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