Stage 1: Arena Dunas da Tocha – POM2019

Stage 1: Arena Dunas da Tocha

Map: Dunas da Tocha (2019)

Terrain: Typical Portuguese Sand Dunes terrain, with pine forest and some very small open areas. This area is particularly known for presenting many contour details.

Several small green areas/dots mostly caused by mimosas (Acacia dealbata) and some undergrowth vegetation areas. Good/very good visibility and runnability.

Map maker: Rui Antunes e José Baptista (Portugal)

Course setter: Rafael Miguel (Distância Média – dia 1)

Map scale: 1:10.000 e 1:7.500

Contour Interval: 2,5m

Parking: In the places indicated by Organization

Additional information:

– There will be refreshment controls (long distance)

– First start: 10h00

– Starts for open and formation classes: free start-time from 10h30

 Layout Arena Day 1

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