Matthias Kyburz and Venla Harju win the WRE at POM – POM2019

The map of Quiaios, hold the third middle distance of Portugal O Meeting and World Rank Event.

The great winners in the elite classes were Matthias Kyburz (Swiss O Team) and Venla Harju (Tampereen Pyrintö).


1 2 Matthias Kyburz OPOR Swiss O Team SUI 0:31:10
2 1 Olav Lundanes OPOR Halden SK NOR 0:31:33 +00:23
3 3 Daniel Hubmann OPOR Swiss O Team SUI 0:31:44 +00:34
4 20 Martin Hubmann OPOR Swiss O Team SUI 0:33:15 +02:05
5 13 Andreas Kyburz OPOR Swiss O Team SUI 0:33:25 +02:15


1 205 Venla Harju TP FIN 0:32:47
2 201 Sabine Hauswirth OPOR Swiss O Team SUI 0:33:58 +01:11
3 204 Sari Anttonen SK Pohjantähti FIN 0:34:16 +01:29
4 207 Sofia Haajanen SK Pohjantähti FIN 0:34:33 +01:46
5 213 Simona Aebersold OPOR Swiss O Team SUI 0:34:34 +01:47

Tomorrow we will have the last stage, long distance, with chasing start on the pursuit of the current leaders of the competition that are now Max Peter Bejmer (OPOR IFK Göteborg) and Vena Harju (Tampereen Pyrintö).


Matthias Kyburz (photo by Nuno Leite)

Venla Harju (photo by Nuno Leite)

You can check the full results (final do publish soon) and maps.