POM wristband mandatory for Hard Floor and Babysitting – POM2019

For security reasons, a wristband must be used to grant access to Hard Floor and Babysitting.
>>Registration on the Online Entry System (OriOasis) is mandatory<<

Hard Floor

Registration for Hard Floor on OASIS is mandatory.
Each subscriber will receive a wristband that will be required to access Hard Floor.
Hard Floor is free so we expect the utmost respect for space and users.


Registration for Babysitting in OASIS is mandatory.
We will have babysitting service in all arenas.
Each child will receive a wristband that must be filled in by the person in charge of the child.
The wristbands will have the start time of the person in charge, who can leave the child in the Babysitting 60 minutes before start, and must pick up the child no later than 30 minutes after the arrival time.