The COALA (Orienteering and Adventure Club of the Alentejo Coast) and the ADFA (Armed Forces Association), in partnership, will organize Portugal “O” Meeting, the greatest event of
orienteering in Portugal.
From the first hour, the local authorities showed all the availability to jointly with ADFA and COALA to organize a quality event that satisfies all who will visit us.
The Portugal “O” Meeting is a pedestrian orienteering event, integrated into the Ranking of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) and in the Portuguese Cup ranking of Portuguese
Orienteering Federation – FPO. It is an event open to people of any age, being able to participate in the levels of competition or in the open classes, individually or in a group.
We invite all Orienteering lovers to participate in this event, wishing them, since now, a hearty welcome.