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– At arenas athletes will find every necessary infrastructure (secretariat, informatics, bar service, WC, babysitting (except in sprint and PreO), first aids, results, speaker, etc);
– During Night Sprint event there won’t be bar service;
– If you are thinking about using babysitting service during the event, please check the corresponding option during your accreditation process at OriOásis.
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Hard Floor
– Hard Floor will be in Portel Municipal Sports Pavilion;
– It is mandatory to wear appropriate footwear in the enclosure;
– It is not allowed to set up tents or similar inside the pavilion;
– It is forbidden to cook food inside the pavilion;
– It is forbidden to wash dishes or utensils used in meals on the pavilion;
– IMPORTANT: any of these infractions implies expulsion from space.
– IMPORTANT: in a nearby facility there are conditions for cooking food with a stove and gas and conditions for having meals with tables and chairs. Also with
conditions to wash the dishes.
– Opening: February 17th – 8:00 pm.;
– Closing: February 21th – 4:00 pm;
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We will have babysitting service in the 4 arenas of POM2023 arenas with the following rules:
– Registration for Babysitting in OriOasis is mandatory;
– Each child will receive a wristband that must be filled in by the person in charge of the child;
– The wristbands will have the start time of the person in charge, who can leave the child in the Babysitting 60 minutes before the start, and must pick up the child no later than 30 minutes after the arrival time.
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It will be in Portel Municipal Sports Pavillion. Registration in OriOásis is mandatory.
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Model Event
– Model Event will be in 17th February (38°22’9.89″N  7°50’22.70″W);
– The maps will be distributed during the accreditation, at the Event Center;
– Please select “Model Event” during your application process. Not registering to the model event is subject to map availability.
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Training Events
– The training events on February 22nd and 23rd will be in Santiago do Cacém, and the maps will be distributed in the accreditation, at the event center of X CAOM/COM’23 in Santiago do Cacém.
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World Ranking Events
– The Long distance on February 19th (day 2) will be a World Ranking Event for Elite classes.
– During that race, GPS watches with map display won’t be allowed in Elite classes.
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Men Elite classes
– During the entry process, Elite runners need to provide their IOF World Ranking ID. All the athletes in those classes need to be registered also in IOF Eventor.

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Chasing Start
– On the last stage, all the Elite classes (M21SE, M21E and W21E) will have a Chasing Start close to the Arena;
– Athletes who are more than one hour after the first or didn’t run one of the forest stages will have a mass start one hour after the first start;
– The first athlete in the finish will be the winner of the respective class.
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– Entries are limited to the first 120.
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– The configuration of the Secretariat will be announced after the entries closes.
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POM 2023 BIB
– All athletes must use the POM2023 bib, given during the accreditation;
– Only athletes with POM’s official bib correctly placed are allowed to start the race;
– The bib will have the following information: number, name, SI-Card number, class, club and country.
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SI-Card Change
– Any SI-Card change must be done before the start in the secretariat. It will not be allowed any start with changes of information not validated previously at the secretariat.
– Each change will cost €2.00.
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Control System
– The control system used will be SPORTident;
– Contactless AIR+ mode will be active on all forest and sprint races;
– Anyone who does not own a SIAC can use any other SI-Card with no problem;
– The organization will have SIAC’s for rent if you want to experience the contactless system.
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Start times
– It won’t be allowed any change of start times in the event days;
– In case of any constraint related with start times (example: the need for an early start time in the last day) please write it down during the entry process;
– Open classes won’t have a start time, they will have a time interval where they can start with “START” SI-Station.
However, a list with starting times will be generated, which should be minimally respected, so that there is no accumulation of athletes in the same minute.
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Race time limits
– The race time limits are:
Long Distance – 3 hours
Middle Distance – 2 hours
Sprint and Night Sprint– 1 hour
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Fair Play
– At the end of each course, athletes can keep their map, therefore Fair Play is requested to all participants.
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– The final result of Portugal ‘O’ Meeting 2023 will be defined by the sum of points from all four forest stages, except in Elite classes, whose event winner will be the first runner at the finish on the last stage (Chasing Start);
– The Night Sprint and PreO events won’t count to POM2023 general classification. However, there will be a general classification and prizes for the two events.
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POM2023: Prizes for the first 3 athletes in each class (5 first in M21E, M21SE and W21E classes) and 3
best clubs. All W/M10 and W/M12 runners will receive a gift, whatever their classification;
WRE: prizes for the 5 first in W21E and M21SE;
Sprint: Prizes for the first 3 in each class.
PreO: Prizes for the first 3 in each class.
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Sport insurance
– Athletes affiliated in POF are covered by POF insurance;
– National and Portuguese resident non-affiliated athletes are covered by POF insurance;
– Foreign and/or non-resident athletes are not covered by any insurance. They should provide for their own security and insurance.
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Traffic Indications
– Parking locations (GPS coordinates) and their distance to the arenas will be provided. From the parking, there will be orange and white arrows for the arenas.
– Please follow and respect the indications, both for traffic and parking.
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– POM2023 will be regulated by Portuguese Orienteering Federation regulation. In the presence of any missing case, we will apply the IOF rules.
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– Any complaint must be made in writing and submitted to the secretariat as soon as possible, but always within a maximum of 15 minutes after completing the respective course.
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