24Feb 2020

In the east part of the map, Courses M21A, M21E, W21E and M35, there is one electrified wire which is and not very visible, BUT it is “LIVE” and will be marked with Tape to help with the visibility.

20Feb 2020

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT POM 2020 PRE-O The Punching System in POM 2020 PreO will be SI Card for timing and also for the PreO course answers. Please read carefully the following rules. The following rules apply: – Each control point will have its own group of punching boxes, near the decision point and normally on the opposite side of the path. – There is one box for each possible answer for that control point plus the Zero answer box (ex. A-C points will have 4 stations (A,B,C and Z) ; Cluster controls will have 2 stations (A and Z)) – All boxes will be identified by its letter and set […]

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