17Jan 2017

The “Casa do Crato“, an important edification from the beginning of the past century, constituted by six rooms and an annexe house, implanted at the center of a green zone, enjoys from a rustic environment which is provided by its vegetable garden, orchard, gardens and recreational areas. In this house you will discover several spaces […]

16Jan 2017

Castebel is a company that specializes in makign luxury perfumed products for the body and the home. Since its creation in 1999, Castelbal has been striving to bring together tradition and inovation through the production of a variety of personal care and house perfumery products. Today this brand is presnet in more that 50 countries […]

13Jan 2017

Perfect Moments is an ecotourism company offering weekend vacation packages to families and friends, leisure programs for children and educational programs for schools. Its activities have been developed to highlight the Alentejo region and maintain close contact between our participants and nature. Above all, our mission is to provide high quality recreational experiences through our […]

12Jan 2017

DITERRA – Comércio Agro-Industrial, Lda. is a family run company founded in 2002 and based in the North Alentejo region, in the council of Portalegre. In 2004 the company launched its own olive oil brand: ALMOJANDA, named after one of the properties it explores, with the objective of following the family tradition. The company launches […]

10Jan 2017

Minerva 70 years of wisdom Since 1942 Minerva surprises for its superior quality. Their canned fish are prepared with fresh fish, daily captured in Portuguese coast, hand selected and hand prepared to surprise the most demanding taste. You can visit Minerva’s site here.

25Dec 2016

Bulletin 1 of Portugal O’ Meeting 2017 is now available and can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD

25Dec 2016

Fragrâncias Únicas, Lda is an agriculture company based in Alentejo, in fronteira, at the Barreiras Brancas Manor, in a place called Fonte da Saúde (Fountain of Health). Their passion comes from the fields, where they grow aromatic and medicinal biological plants which led to the creation of Fragâncias Bio. They believe that biological agriculture is […]

16Dec 2016

FREZITE GROUP – VALUE ADDED ENGINEERING FREZITE Group works in technological sectors using its strong engineering vocation. The company presents a vast experience in the areas of concept creation, development and production of solutions with cutting tools with applications in the industries of transforming wood, metals, plastics and composite materials – in the sectors of […]

30Nov 2016

Cision will be responsible for the service of MEDIA MONITORING and MEDIA ANALYSIS of Portugal O’ Meeting 2017. Cision is leader in the offering of software, services and tools for the activity of Public Relations and Marketing. Cision offers management solutions to help face the constant evolution of the world of media – through the […]