alter_1Village of Roman origin, Alter do Chão is at the heart of the Alto Alentejo – region rich in natural heritage – here you can inhale the odor of the land, walk through the plains and rest in the shade of trees that adorn the fields.

In this scenario the beautiful Lusitanian and Arab horses are bred, which could be seen in Alter Stud Farm.

alter_2This is also a municipality rich in historical monuments, among which is highlighted the emblematic Castle, built by D. Pedro I, which embellishes the center of the town and calls for a return to medieval times.

Through the harmonious union between the sumptuous cultural heritage and the magnificent natural heritage, Alter do Chão establishes itself, unequivocally, as an excellent place to live and visit.

alter_3Venture out and come live in history, in close proximity with nature and enjoying the sympathy of the alterense people!


Useful phone numbers

City Emergency Number – 808 203 140

City Hall – 245 610 000

FAX – 245 612 431

City Hall of Chança – 245 637 422

City Hall of Cunheira – 245 697 191

City Hall of Seda – 245 636 116

Tourism Office – 245 610 004

Health Center – 245 612 183

Volunteer Firemen – 245 612 314

Police – 245 612 162

Stud Farm – 245 610 060

Alter Pharmacy – 245 619 141


Country information

District: Portalegre

Area of the Council: 361 KM2


Parishes: 3 – Chança, Cunheira and Seda

Number of Residents: 4019

Tourist Attractions: Castle, Renaissance source, Álamo’s Garden and Palace, Stud Farm, Romano bridge, Churches and pre-historic domes.