Câmara Municipal de Alter do Chão

presidente_cm_alterAlter do Chão accepted, once more, the challenge of hosting, as it did in 2009, one of the most important sports events taking place in our region, the Norte Alentejano O’Meeting. This prestigious international event finds in the Alto Alentejo exceptional conditions for its realization: the terrain’s morphology; the unparalleled luminosity of the sun; the slight breeze associated with the clarity of the moon; the landscapes and the smells of the wild flowers, are all endogenous attributes that I leave for your discovery.

I also highlight the art of well receiving, intrinsic to these good people of Alentejo, that without a doubt will associate itself to this initiative, welcoming in a warm way all the participants.

The Alter Stud Farm is the oldest Stud Farm in the world that still remains in the same place. It is here that the famous Alter Real horse is bred, statuary model for several generations, finding itself immortalized on a roundabout in Alter do Chão and at Terreiro do Paço in Lisbon. The Stud Farm possesses an unparalleled architectural patrimony in its whole. Being that one of the locations chosen for one of the orienteering races is the Coudelaria de Alter, all the participants and respective companions will have the opportunity to explore this magnificent space.

Portugal O’Meeting 2017 will be with all certainty one of the biggest events that Alter will host, both for the notoriety it has conquered and for the great mobilization of participants that it offers to Alter do Chão and the Region, contributing for a higher affluence of people that can benefit from all our cultural, touristic and gastronomic offers.

With wishes of good races and a great stay in our lands, I welcome all the participants, companions and organizers, wishing that this event is, once again,  a huge success.

A pleasant stay for all!

Joviano Vitorino

Mayor of the Municipality of Alter do Chão