The Punching System in POM 2020 PreO will be SI Card for timing and also for the PreO course answers.

Please read carefully the following rules.

The following rules apply:

– Each control point will have its own group of punching boxes, near the decision point and normally on the opposite side of the path.
– There is one box for each possible answer for that control point plus the Zero answer box (ex. A-C points will have 4 stations (A,B,C and Z) ; Cluster controls will have 2 stations (A and Z))
– All boxes will be identified by its letter and set in a round support identified by the control point number.
– If a decision point is used for viewing the flags of more than one control point, there is a group of punching boxes placed for each control point (ex. flags A-C on terrain for control point 10 and 11 are viewed from the same place; two groups of A,B,C and Z boxes are placed separately and properly identified by control point number 10 and 11).
– On A clusters, there is also a separated A plus Z group box for each control point.
– Only one punch is allowed per control point to give a proper answer. It is not possible to change the answer by punching another box. If more than one box is punched in the same control, it is considered multiple answers and all punches are voided.
– The control points can be answered in any order.
– A manual punch is also available at each control point for backup purpose. Manual punch is only possible if a particular punching box does not work.
– There will be a mini control card printed in the competition map for three backup punches. Each row can be backup for any control point.
– Same rules apply for manual punching on the backup control card (only one punch per row).
– If used, at the end of the course, the athlete must inform which control points have been punched manually.
– If SI and manual punch is made at one particular control, the SI will count and the manual punch is not considered.
– It is mandatory to CLEAR your SI before start. It is mandatory to have START and FINISH punches at the download procedure to be classified.

Due to the high number of entries in PreO Open Class and the decision not to limit anyone to participate, the organization decided to implement some particular measures:

– All PreO athletes will have an early start time in the Foot-O Long course on Day 2, in order to take some rest, eat properly and arrive in time to the PreO competition.
– Two Open Class Heats will be set, one for Iberian and Brazilians athletes, other for other countries, with a real start every two minutes from each Heat.
– Before the start of the course, a dual timed station will be held close to each other, with visual and sound interference minimized. Chairs will be apart by some meters.
– The point-of-view viewing angle is similar between stations, in order to use the same map and order of challenges.
– The slightly different position of elements and flags viewed from each station chair will not be an issue, because of the closeness of the viewing points, the rounded shape of the timed maps and the nature of PreO timed controls (there is no Zero answer).
– The spoken procedures will be in English in both stations.
– The startlists for Open class are published by the station.
– Heat A ( Open Class Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilians) will solve the timed challenges on the RIGHT tent/chair (the closest).
– Heat B ( Para Class and Open Class from other countries) and Para Class will solve the timed challenges on the LEFT tent/chair (further away).
– The Open Class results will be published independently of the station used by each athlete, but the designated tent for each Heat must be respected.