19Dec 2019

Due to a major tree cutting that occurred in the south area of the map planned for POM´s last day, the organisation was forced to change the event from a long distance to a middle distance. We believe that with this change the quality of the courses that we had previously is maintained.

18Dec 2019

Accommodation (extra cost) Book until 20 January: The POM’20 organizers only accept accommodation reservations until January 20th. Payment until 23 January: Accommodation must be paid by January 23rd. Cancellation policy: If you have to cancel a room/rooms, you will be charged all the nights of this room/these rooms.

30Mar 2019

Relevant information has been added. Before you move on to check what we have added, why don’t you take a short break and find more about the place you will be next February.

28Feb 2019

POM 2020 website is now online! In the next days more information will added.