Stage 6 – PreO

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Map: Termas da Fonte Santa, Almeida, December 2023


Land with abundant rocky details and some vegetation that makes it difficult to read the terrain.

Cartographer: Alexandre Reis

Race Director: Rui Mora

Course planner: Cláudio Tereso

FPO Advisor: Alexandre Reis

Map scale: 1:3,000

Equidistance: 2.5m

Location: Termas de Fonte Santa, +- 30 Km from the Arena at Amoreira and 7 Km from Almeida

Parking: In the places indicated by the Organization next to the competition area.


  • Instructions for the Model Pre-O Sprint here.
  • PreO SPRINT race, disputed in the Open and Paralympic Classes
  • Event Secretariat: at the competition venue
  • Check-ins, delivery of Cards and SI from 13h00.
  • First Start: 13h30
  • Minute-by-minute departures
  • Award Ceremony: 17h30 at the competition venue
  • Trophies for the top 3 in each Class

The control system used will be punch with paper control card. Athletes will be able to use their own punch; In case they don’t have one, the organization will provide one free of charge. The cards used will only have Alpha and Zero answers.

To avoid overlapping of control points on the map, the map will be duplicated with the copies displayed side by side. The even points will be represented in one copy and the odd in the other.

The competition was designed to be solved using good map reading, interpretation of the terrain and the correct identification of the elements.

This method should be preferred over the use of alignments or azimuths.

Athletes must be accompanied by their SPORTIDENT which will be used to record the race time.

There will be indoor quarantine after the race until the departure of the last athlete.

Rules and Regulations:

The competition is governed by the rules defined in the IOF PreO sprint specifications 1.0 document

Main Differences Between PreO and Preo Sprint
• In the Preo Sprint there are no timed stations;
• In the Preo Sprint, the tiebreaker is made by the course time.

Complaint submission will only be accepted in the 15 minutes after the results’ publication.


All Paralympic athletes may be accompanied by an element in the aid of progression, complying with the rules of fair play by not communicating with each other.


 The event will be held in the Open and Paralympic (P) classes.

According to the IOF specifications, there will be two factors in the P class

  • Athletes with manual wheelchair: 0.7
  • Athletes with electric wheelchairs and others: 0.85.

Thus, although they compete in the same class, the maximum time for each athlete will be divided by the respective factor (see table below).

For the classification, the athlete’s time will be multiplied by his factor. For instance:

Athlete with manual wheelchair and 30 min, gets 30*0.7               = 21 min

Athlete without wheelchair and 26 min, gets 26*0.85                    = 22 min

Zero Tolerance:

The distance for a flag to be considered a Zero response is 4 meters. This means that the athlete should only answer Zero if the flag is at least 4 meters from the correct place.

Course Info:


Class Distance (m) Climb (m) Controls Scale Equidistance Time
Open 240 2 21 1:3,000 2.5 m 29
P 240 2 21 1:3,000 2.5 m 34
P (Manual Wheelchair) 240 2 21 1:3,000 2.5 m 41