Stage 1 – Sprint Relay – Almeida

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Map: Almeida


Map maker: Alexandre Reis (Portugal)

Course setter: Bruno Nazário

Map scale: 1:4.000

Contour Interval: 2,5m


Additional information:

– SPORTident Air+ system will be active.
– Secretariat during this competition will only take care of Sprint Relay matters.

Final Technical Information

There are three ways to take part in the Sprint relay:
Competition class: Teams of 4, which must be two men and two women, independent of age or class.
Open class : teams of 4, with neither two women nor two men being required. All members can be of the same sex, no matter what age or class.

If you are a runner looking for a team or a team member looking for a runner to fullfill your team you can register your request or search in the POM 2024 Sprint Relay Runners Bank.

Individual courses: run individually according to age.

  • Youth W/M 10/18
  • Senior  W/M 20/35
  • Veteran W/M 40/60
  • Super Veteran W/M35/85


Map sample

Terrain photos

Arena and How to get to Arena


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