18Feb 2023

Portugal O Meeting 2024 website is now online with basic information here. Competition will take place in Almeida, close to Spanish border. Again, we are preparing a high level quality event with fantastic terrains and maps and challeging courses.  

15Feb 2023

Training camps are available in Arraiolos and the surrounding areas until the 4th of March. The trainings are provided by the club Gafanhori and you may find all the information and contact either on the webpage or in this PDF

13Feb 2023

You may check the start lists at the main menu in “Live info”.

07Feb 2023

Due to the high number of athletes registered in some classes, some changes have to be decided: Men Elite Classes will be only one, so POM will only have ME. Interval Start of 2 minutes for Long Distances align with POF and the Rule # 12.17 (IOF Rules 2023 v1.21 WRE): ME, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70, M80 and W70. Long Distance, day 2, will be starting at 9h (instead of 9h30m), so POM Programme will be: 08h00 – Event centre opening 09h00 – Long distance (LD) / WRE 9h30 / 11h00 – Start for open classes and training courses Long Distance, day 4, will be starting at 8h30m […]

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