Stage 6 – PreO

MAP – São Bartolomeu do Outeiro

SCALE – 1-4.000 metros

COUNTOUR INTERVAL – 2,5m, accordingto the ISSprOM mapping specification.

MAP MAKER– Alexandre Reis – august 2017 – Review – december 2022

COURSE PLANNER – Alexandre Reis

IOF ADVISER – Inês Domingues

CLASSES – Open e Paralympic

TIMED CONTROLS – 1 station, with 3 tasks to solve

TERRENO – Typical terrain from Alentejo, of low relief, with characteristic rocks elements and vegetation. The trails run mostly on a dirt track, with the risk of getting muddy in the event of rain, making it difficult for wheelchairs to progress.


  • Applicable rules follow the Portuguese Orienteering Federation (FPO) competition rules for 2023; missing cases will be decided by the organization based on the regulations.
  • The deadline for submitting complaints is 15 minutes after publication of the results; any complaint shall be made in writing, and submitted to the secretariat.


  • The organization will provide volunteers to assist competitors in wheelchairs.
  • When solving the tasks, the competitors should favor map reading and the interpretation of the terrain. They should not rely on sighting lines, or precision compass.
  • Distance from Parking to Start – 2km
  • Starts every 2 minutes (Group A and Group B intervals)


  • Due to the high number of entries, there will be two timed stations (A and B).
  • Participants will be divided into the 2 stations (A and B) by criteria to be indicated before the start of the competition.


 38°22’9.89″N  7°50’22.70″W
Escalão/ClassDist. (mts)Desnível/Climb (mts)Pontos / ControlsEscala / ScaleEquidistância/Contour IntervalTime AllowedPontos de Tempo/Timed Controls


Time allowed in timed controls – 1 minute and 30 seconds