Stage 6 – PreO

MAP – São Bartolomeu do Outeiro

SCALE – 1-4.000 metros

COUNTOUR INTERVAL – 2,5m, accordingto the ISSprOM mapping specification.

MAP MAKER– Alexandre Reis – august 2017 – Review – december 2022

COURSE PLANNER – Alexandre Reis

IOF ADVISER – Inês Domingues

CLASSES – Open e Paralympic

TIMED CONTROLS – 1 station, with 3 tasks to solve

TERRENO – Typical terrain from Alentejo, of low relief, with characteristic rocks elements and vegetation. The trails run mostly on a dirt track, with the risk of getting muddy in the event of rain, making it difficult for wheelchairs to progress.


  • Applicable rules follow the Portuguese Orienteering Federation (FPO) competition rules for 2023; missing cases will be decided by the organization based on the regulations.
  • The deadline for submitting complaints is 15 minutes after publication of the results; any complaint shall be made in writing, and submitted to the secretariat.


  • The organization will provide volunteers to assist competitors in wheelchairs.
  • When solving the tasks, the competitors should favor map reading and the interpretation of the terrain. They should not rely on sighting lines, or precision compass.
  • Distance from Parking to Start – 2km
  • Starts every 2 minutes

After handing over the control card, the competitors will choose one set of maps from marshals (“Bound or Loose”). The competitors will choose between speaking or pointing the answers.
The officials step aside and one of them points out all flags (Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot).
Immediately following the pointing out of the last flag the official invites the competitor to view the map(s) with the words “the time starts now”.


  • Due to the high number of entries, there will be two timed stations (A and B).
  • Participants will be divided into the 2 stations (A and B) by criteria to be indicated before the start of the competition.


38º21’27.63º”N – 7º54’28.04”W
Escalão/ClassDist. (mts)Desnível/Climb (mts)Pontos / ControlsEscala / ScaleEquidistância/Contour IntervalTime AllowedPontos de Tempo/Timed Controls


Time allowed in timed controls – 1 minute and 30 seconds