It is with particular emotion that the citie of Almeida and the villages of Amoreira, Miuzela do Côa, the Associação Desportiva do Mondego and the whole organization of Portugal “O” Meeting 2024, the biggest event of orienteering in Portugal, welcomes you.

An Important event of Orientering on the national sports calendar, which usually counts with a significant and important presence of the best national and international athletes, the Portugal “O” Meeting makes us pull through all our energies and wishes in order to organize a serious capable and memorable, event.

And, because the organizational level of the previus Portugal “O” Meeting has already reached very high levels, there is always a great responsibility for those who, year after year, are struggling to organize another Portugal “O” Meeting

But, we are Almeida, the historical star-shaped village.

And it is also why, enjoying receiving with open arms who visits us, enjoying to show what is ours, enjoying sharing, working and loving Orienteering, we are motivated to receive you. Being able to count on your presence at our “home” is not only a reason for pride, but also a great satisfaction.

We are ready, let’s roll up our sleeves and, with the help and work of all, we will do everything to provide you moments of pure competition, conviviality and pleasure. Give us the pleasure of your presence and company and, we are sure, you will not regret it.

Accept our challenge and help us make the POM2024 an unforgettable event.