The swede Simon Hector (Snättringe SK – Sweden) and the finish Sabina Aumo  (Göteborg Majorna OK – Sweden) are the overall winners of Portugal O Meeting 2024.

Simon Hector got the lead of the Men Super Elite class after the second stage and kept it till the finish achieving this way his first overall victory at Portugal O Meeting.

Sabina Aumo started this long distance chasing start day with a lead of 4:32 and with a fantastic performance won the Women Elite class with almost 11 minutes gap to the second.

The best portuguese in the Men Super Elite was João Ferreira (CAB) in 16th position and in Women Elite was Rita Fernandes (.COM) 17th position.

In the Men Elite class winner was Vit Cech (Göteborg Majorna OK) and the best portuguese was Ricardo Esteves Ferreira (Palmela Desporto).

Simon Hector (photo João Rico / Câmara Municipal de Almeida)


Sabina Aumo (photo by Rui Almeida / Tic Tac Timing)

Simon Hector, Major of Almeida António Machado and Sabina Aumo (photo by João Rico / Municipio de Almeida)

João Ferreira (photo my COA / ADRAA AVis)

Rita Fernandes (foto por NAOM 2020)

Ricardo Esteves Ferreira (photo by Rui Almeida / Tic Tac Timing)


Podium Men Super Elite (photo by João Rico / Municipio de Almeida)

Podium Women Elite (photo by João Rico / Municipio de Almeida)

Overall Classification of Men Super Elite (MSE)

Pl Name YB Club Total
1 Simon Hector 97 SSK 03:55:13
2 Oleksandr Kratov 85 Koovee 04:03:15
3 Joey Hadorn 97 Norska 04:15:19
4 Ben Mitchell 93 Halden 04:15:40
5 Térence Risse 93 CA Rosé 04:17:06

Overall Classification of Women Elite (WE)

Pl Name YB Club Total
1 Sabina Aumo 03 GMOK 03:53:03
2 Aleksandra Hornik 96 IGTISA 04:03:59
3 Evely Kaasiku 93 HS 04:04:27
4 Hanna Wisniewska 90 IGTISA 04:07:06
5 Eva Örnhagen Jørgensen 03 GMOK 04:23:49

Overall Classification of Men Elite (ME)

Pl Name YB Club Total
1 Vit Cech 03 GMOK 04:31:38
2 Ricardo Esteves Ferreira 98 Palmela Desporto 04:33:45
3 Luís Silva 94 Palmela Desporto 04:39:46
4 Johan Olson 98 GMOK 04:43:52
5 Mikolaj Krawczynski 00 Slask Wroclaw 04:49:11

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