18Jun 2022

Portugal “O” Meeting will be organized between 18th and 21st of February in S. Bartolomeu do Outeiro, Portel. We are finishing the website that will be open to the public soon.

31Dec 2021

Dear All, As you know, the POM is a very important event for the Portuguese orienteer community. Unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic has been constraining its realization. In addition to the fact that in 2021 it was not possible to organize it, in 2022 we are again dealing with the same pandemic effects, plus the […]

16Sep 2021

The website for 2022 edition is now open. As 2021 edition was just postponed to 2022, you won’t find many differences apart from the dates.

09Dec 2020

Portugal “O” Meeting organising committee and its stakeholders, namely Loulé City Council, have been analysing the viability of organising POM in February 2021. Due to the uncertainty on how the pandemic will develop during the next 3 months and the proximity to the event, the decision, we all are sad to communicate, is that POM […]