Dear All,

As you know, the POM is a very important event for the Portuguese orienteer community.
Unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic has been constraining its realization.

In addition to the fact that in 2021 it was not possible to organize it, in 2022 we are again dealing with the same pandemic effects, plus the change in the Portuguese civil calendar:
– Difficulties with authorizations and support from local entities for holding this event;
– The worsening of the pandemic situation and the consequent uncertainties regarding national and international restrictive measures, in travel between countries;
– The addition of expenses for athletes with mandatory COVID 19 testing procedures;
– The cancellation of the holiday before Carnival, as a result of the change in the Portuguese school calendar, due to the evolution of the pandemic in December/2021 and scheduled for January/2022.

However, the Portuguese Orienteering Federation, through its Clubs and Board, is looking for the possibility of promoting alternative activities on the same dates, such as training camps, which continue to provide the practice of the sport, with less impact on the authorization process and support from local authorities.

As soon as solutions are found, they will be announced shortly.

If you have already paid for registration in POM 2022, please send us your IBAN so that we can refund the corresponding amount.