General Information

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– In the Arenas, all participants will find the following sections: event centre, IT, bar/restaurante service (only on the forest stages), WC, babysitting (except sprints and TrailO), first aid, results, speaker and others);

Hard Floor
– Hard Floor still not defined;

– Babysitting will be available on all the 4 central stages of POM 2021.

Model Events
– Model Events will be available in Pedra Amarela (similar terrain to the long distance event) and Monsanto (similar terrain to the 2 middle distance stages – including the WRE);
– Maps will be available in the creditation procedures, in the Event Centre;
– Please select option “Model Event” during your application process.

Training Maps
– There will be available maps on the prior days to POM 2021 in 3 different places: Jamor (Forest in Oeiras), Caselas (Forest in Lisboa) and Bairro Alto (Urban in Lisboa).

World Ranking Events
– In the Alfama Sprint race, on the 14th February, Elite classes will probably count for the WRE Sprint (candidate for WRE);
– In the middle distance race in Monsanto, on the 15th February, Elite classes will probably count for the WRE Forest (candidate for WRE);
– In these races, GPS watches with map display won’t be allowed in Elite Classes.

Male Elite Classes
– In the entry process, Elite runners need to provide their IOF World Ranking ID. All runners in those classes need to be registered also in IOF Eventor.
– The male Elite class will be split in 2 if there will be more than 100 participants, with the first 50% composing the M21SuperElite and the last 50% composing the M21Elite. The runners will be ordered by the World Ranking as of the standings, 20 days prior to the competition.
– Even with 2 classes, all runners participating on both of them will be included on the World Ranking has defined by IOF regulations.

Trail Orienteering
– Trail Orienteering competition will be limited on 120 participants. Entries will be closed when/if that number is reached.

Bib numbers POM 2021
– It will be mandatory to use official BIB numbers of POM2021. They will be delivered in the accreditation process;
– Only participants with the official BIB numbers of POM2021 will be allowed to participate.

Control System
– Sport Ident will be the Control System used on POM 2021;

SI Card Changes
– Any changes on SI Card numbers must bem ade on the event centre before going to the starting places. No one will be allowed to participate with changes not previously validated on the event centre. Each change will be charged by 2€.

Starting Times
– No one will be allowed to change starting time on the competition days;
– If there are special requests for the starting times (example: the need for an early start time on the last day), please warn it during the entry process;
– In the open and formation classes (10 and 12), all participants will have a time interval where they can start using a START SI station.

Fair Play
–– On the end of the races, participants will be allowed to keep their maps, so fair play is requested so runners stil not having started won’t be able to see the maps before their races.

– The final results for Portugal ‘O’ Meeting 2021 will be defined by the sum of points gathered trough the 4 main stages;
– The 3 urban races will provide a second classification for Urban POM 2021 and awards will be given to the winners (with the sum of times). There will also be results for the Trail Orienteering and a Club classification associated to the 4 main races.

– Overall POM2021: Awards for the 3 best runners on every competition class (5 best runners on M21SE and W21E) and for the 5 best clubs. All participants on formation classes (W/M10 and W/M12) will get an award, regardless of their classification;
– WRE Forest: Awards for the 5 best runners on W21E and M21SE;
– WRE Sprint: Awards for the 5 best runners on W21E and M21SE;
– Sprint (Oeiras+Cascais+Alfama): Awards for the 3 best runners in each class;
– Trail Orienteering: Awards for the 3 best participants in each class (Paralimpic and Open).

Sport Insurance
– Athletes affiliated in FPO will be covered by FPO insurance;
– All portuguese participants or others living in Portugal not affiliated in FPO will also be covered by FPO insurance;
– All foreign participants not living in Portugal are not covered by FPO insurance and it will be their responsability to garante their own insurance.

– The competition will follow FPO Competition Regulation. If there will be any situation not considered on the FPO regulation, IOF rules shall be applied.