February 18 11th (Monday):

1st deadline for entries with lower prices.

February 25 18th (Monday):

Final deadline for entries in competition classes. After that date, only entries for open classes are allowed (until the day of the event, although conditioned to the availability of maps).

February 27th and 28th:

Model events
Model Event 1 – Forest
Model Event 2 – Sprint

March 1st (day 0 – Friday):

Sprint-Relay – Figueira da Foz

March 2nd (day 1 – Saturday):

Long distance – Leirosa

Night Sprint – Buarcos

March 3rd (day 2 – Sunday):

Middle Distance – Leirosa

Pre-O – Leirosa

March 4th (day 3 – Monday):

Middle Distance – Quiaios

March 5st (day 4 –Tuesday):

 Long Distance – Quiaios

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