How to pay – POM2019

How to pay

POM2019 entries fees can be paid by Bank Transfer or directly at the Event Center in cash.
In order to simplify the accreditation process, Organization prefers payments made ​​by bank transfer.

Payment data


Account number:

Name of Recipient:

Address of Recipient:

Recipient Bank Address:

Payment process

If you have made an Express Entry in OriOasis, please include the Express Code on payment description.

For full club payment, please indicate the club name on description.
For partial club payments, please include the clube name and athlete list in the confirmation comment, or send us an email ( listing all athletes included in the payment and the confirmation as attachment.

Notes: For all bank transfer you make, please send us a bank transfer confirmation by home banking services or by email to:

All transfer expenses should be supported by the one ordering the transfer. Any transfer expenses charged by the bank to the Organization will be added to the club open fee.

Please use the email address for all the emails related to the payment process.