Sprint Relay: Arena Torre do Relógio – POM2019

Sprint Relay: Arena Torre do Relógio

Map: Figueira da Foz (updated in 2018)

Terrain: Urban area surrounding the Figueira da Foz Casino. Geometrical street layout that enables good route choice challenges.

Map maker: Rafael Miguel (Portugal)

Course setter: Bruno Nazário

Map scale: 1:4.000

Contour Interval: 2,5m

Parking: Big parking available close the Forte de Santa Catarina – 150meters from the arena.

Additional information:

– There will be a quarantine for all the athletes. Runners must enter the quarantine between 13h00 and 13h30.

– Mass start for the Competition Relay class will be at 14h00

– Mass start for the Open Relay class will be at 14h10

–  SPORTident Air+ system will be active.

– Secretariat during this competition will only take care of Sprint Relay matters.

Map sample

Terrain photos

Clock tower – reference for the location of the Sprint-Relay arena

Clock tower – arena will be located on the sand, with perfect view to the atlantic ocean

Preliminary Technical Information